Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development Research and Development
Research and Development

We believe that our knowledge can reduce food waste in the world. Our research and development group designs and develops active/functional polymeric masterbatch for the purpose of fulfilling a function and duty in polymeric final products. The main application is in food packaging to prolong shelf-life of the foods and fresh produces, i. e. active food packaging. 

Innovation and formulation are at the foundation of what we do for solution making. Our group tries to understand each food-life and its requirment to have the maximum shelf-life. Understanding the food life needs to study and analyse the respiration process of the fresh produces as well as the factors which make them spoiled. So, the first stage is foods and fresh produces analysing. The result of this analyse is determining the optimum gas mixture for each food and fresh produce to have maximum shelf-life, i. e. O2, CO2, ethylene, and water vapour. The other important issue is microbial factor for food shelf-life. 

Designing the Active Packaging Designing the Active Packaging
Designing the Active Packaging

The second stage is designing and formulation of the polymeric masterbatches which can control the gas mixture, water vapor and microbial factors. These masterbatches can create a selective permeable food packaging wall. The formulation design and testing on the food packaging is carried out subsequently and the final product is developed. 

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