Active packaging bags

Active packaging bags

We produce plastic bags, with trade name of Polysharif, utilizing passive and active packaging technology, simultaneously. Transmission of O2 and CO2 is tailored via controlling the permeability of the polymeric film according to the respiration rate of the fresh produce. This bag extend the shelf life of the fresh produces during the transit for export.

Furthermore, the detrimental ethylene gas is adsorbed and flushed away by the ethylene removing properties of the film. Efficiency of the packaging is tested with the CO2 Gas Analyzer device followed by closely texture and taste monitoring after each test run.

Humidity of the packaging is also controlled by water absorber incorporated inside the packaging wall. Otherwise, water would be condensed on the inner side of the packaging wall. In this condition, in addition of water loss of the fresh produces, leakage of the nutrients in to the water would encourage rapid meld growth inside the packaging.

The packaging film contains antibacterial additives to inhibite the microbial growth on the fresh produce surface. 

List of active packaging bags

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List of Active Packaging Bags


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