Antifog masterbatch

Polysharif-antifog Masterbatch can be employed in food packaging and green house films. The base of the masterbatch is low or high density polyethylene (PE).
The antifog masterbatch is added during the melt pro-cessing of the final product in the range of 1 to 10 wt.%, depends on the application and type of the products. The antifog properties of the film can be induced immediately after the manufacturing process or a few hours after the process.
It’s worth to state that the antifog properties caused by this masterbatch is permanent and can not be destroyed after mechanical abrasion of the products. The masterbatch is FDA approved and does not make any human skin sensitivity.


  • Ease of processing for any blown and extruded film products
  • Without any change in processing parameters,
  • Permanent antifog properties,
  • Low cost and affordability, and
  • High efficiency, even in hot fog test


For some packaging (foods, fresh produces, readymade food, flowers and etc) display of the packaged matter affected by fogging on the inside wall of packaging container. Anti-fog masterbatch keeps food wrap films and other types of packaging transparent during cold storage as well as temperatures fluctuations.  

Fresh foods are packaged in plastic, refrigeratable containers to prolong their shelf life and increase consumer convenience. However, during refrigeration, air and water vapor get trapped within the package. As the food product expels moisture, it causes water droplets to form on the inside of the package and the light to refract in many directions across its lid. This fog makes it difficult for people to see through the package to assess food freshness and makes food susceptible to faster decay.

When applied to the packaging lid, anti-fog coatings cause water vapor in the air as well as migrated moisture from the food to create a thin, uniform, transparent film instead of water droplets. By altering how the water droplets form, the packaging lid remains much more transparent with minimal light refraction and fog creation. This enables the packaging to be clear and extends food quality.






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